Project: Use Up

I can justify many things but buying £100 of makeup a month when I have loads to use up, makes little to no sense to me. I’m exceptionally useless at using something up. I mean when a new product comes along it just sets off a whole new love affair. Project: Use Up isn’t my idea, Charline can take full credit for that, but I do love the concept and when my Muji trays are full to the brim, well a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

Regardless, I have makeup to use up. The Better Skin foundation being one. I recently spoke about well this works when my skin is having a freakout moment, and while I stand by that fact, it’s old and it needs to go. It’s a pretty high-medium coverage that’s easily buildable. With about half left, I’m determined to use it up before the year is out. When my foundation lacks the ability to hide the lovely blemishes that seem to really like to grace my face, the Kick Ass concealer is right there to help me out. In short, it’s pretty amazing and oh so perfect if you travel/or are a general busy bee. Housing an under eye concealer, a general concealer and a powder there’s a lot to use up here. I will do it though because this post has caused me to fall in love with it all over again. It’s creamy, full coverage, and lasts all day.

Look how close I am to finishing off the Matte Maker. So darn close. It’s kind of like an alternative to the Stay Matte powder (which I recently found and definitely need to use up) and both are equally good. It mattifies my face and does what a powder does do. It’s a great budget option, and perfect if you’re just getting into makeup.

You’re probably going to cringe when I tell you bronzer is a recent discovery of mine. Nevertheless the Dream Terra Sun bronzer needs to be finished, like yesterday. It really warms up my pasty complexion and makes me look less anemic (I’m not but everyone likes to throw it around) and more healthy. The same goes for the Rimmel Santa Rose blush. It’s super pretty and gorgeous for adding a natural flush of colour to my cheeks, but I need to use this up. 

My Natural Collection Crushed Walnut Eyeshadow is the perfect cheap option to fill in my brows. It’s hard to make a mistake with so eyebrow newbies, take note. I’ve had it for forever and quite frankly relieved is how I feel to see that I’ve hit pan on it. I love and adore it but like the Brow Drama, I want to try new things. I’m an eyebrow product junkie (seriously).

What projects do you need to use up?

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