Do I really need an Instagram theme?

The social media site I struggle to get along with has to be Instagram. It seems to be the one that has a a habit of making me feel like my life is inaquedate but equally inspiring me to find prettiness around me. Whenever I read posts along the lines of ‘how to improve your Instagram game’ they all mention that you need a theme to have a somewhat decent following, and my Instagram definitely does not have a theme.

I will admit to probably spending a fair few hours too many, just scrolling through my feed and feeling a bit like a green eyed monster. How is it possible for so many people to produce pretty photo, after pretty photo and have a theme that I can only dream of? I don’t really know what my Instagram theme is, I mean one seems to almost develop, and then I squash it by posting something that goes against the white, bright thing I seem to have going on.

I want my Instagram to be snapshots of my life. Things that make me happy, or that I’m proud of – pretty much anything that puts a smile on my face. Whenever I seem to ‘break’ my theme, my followers seem to take a dip and I get that it isn’t everything, but it still makes me feel guilty, like I’m doing something wrong. So really, I’m stuck. Do I post what I want, or try and conform to some sort of a theme?

While I won’t be pulling any stunts like Essena O’Neill, because quite frankly I’m far too lazy to try and look like I lead the perfect life when in fact I spend most of my day lounging round in my pyjamas, I do think I need to find my space on Instagram. I also don’t want my Instagram to just be a collection of my blog photos, but they are what I put 99% of my effort into when it comes to my blog’s aesthetic and I do get a little proud when I take a photo and it looks damn good.

Spending hours pouring my life and soul into trying to have a theme seems like so much effort, and I have better things to be spending my time on, like this blog for example. At the same time though, it’s almost like every blogger has a theme to get a little hot under the collar about. So my question is, do I make my theme one of happiness – only posting photos of things that make me smile for various reasons, or do I go for the white and airy theme I seem to gravitate towards once I try and force myself to have a theme?

If you want to follow me on Instagram, you can find me right here (shameless self promo, I know), but I do want you to tell me what you think about it all.

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