Hair Do or Hair Don’t?

I’m in a major flump with my hair. One part of me wants mermaid-esque hair that even Ariel would be jealous of, then on the other hand I just want to cut it all off and live the short hair life. One thing I know I need to improve is how I take care of my hair. I came across Madison Reed’s ‘hair do or hair don’t’s’ and thought why not share them? Needing to up my hair game meant I was all ears! I probably won’t end up with Victoria Secret hair over night, but a girl can dream, right?

The Do’s

Use heat protectant – A bit of a no brainer, but heat products can cause lasting damage. Find one you like and stick to it. Mum taught me to always use the classic Tresemme one, and I can’t be without a bottle now.

Shield hair from sun exposure – Sunlight helps to fade hair colour and weakens the hair, which means breakage is more likely. Look out for products with UV protection for this reason. I’ve got a post with an amazing hair oil that protects your locks coming soon.

Trim hair often so it grows faster – I’ve always seen this as a bit of a myth, but apparently it’s true. Trimming every 6-8 weeks helps to reduce split ends which can cause hair to thin and break easier.

Ease the tension – too tight buns, braids and ponytails strain the scalp and can cause hair loss. I always find scrunchies or those fabric hair bobbles not only stop the classic hair bobble indent, but also make any tight feeling non existent.

The Don’t’s

Blow Dry all winter long – My mum always told me that wet hair in winter meant I was more likely to get a cold. Turns out this isn’t actually the case, and drying hair constantly will obviously damage your hair. I prefer to wash my hair when I know I have plenty of time to let it dry.

Shampoo every day -Washing daily (something I am guilty of) strips hair of it’s natural oils and causes colour to fade if it’s dyed. If your hair is dry, frizzy or unmanageable, then it’s probably a sign you’re washing it too much. Try dry shampoo/talc powder to avoid washing.

Rinse hair in cold water to add shine – If you can honestly stick your head in cold water, you’re a braver woman than I, but hair cuticles don’t open or close dependent on the temperature. Use a nice conditioner or shampoo aimed to add shine instead, or opt for a hair dye that does.

Tie wet hair in a ponytail – the chemical bonds that hold hair proteins together are temporarily broken when hair is wet (told you I earned that B at AS Chemistry). This in turn weakens each strand, so when your hair dries it shortens which can lead to breakage. Plus is anyone a fan of that horrid bobble line?

Madison Reed also have a fun hair colour quiz that you can take too, if you’re in town for a new colour, or if you just love to take quizzes like I do. They also have a hair dye that’s filled with argan oil, ginseng and keratin to help strengthen the hair. If I dyed my hair, I’d be into all that goodness.

What are you hair care do’s and don’t’s?

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*This post was not sponsored, I just wanted to share hair tips with you because I’m naturally hopeless at caring for my own locks