Hand Cream Heroes

One thing I seem to own a lot of is hand creams. For some reason I’m like a magnet for them. I think because I always forget (which I shouldn’t do) to use them, they just amass into an overwhelming number. So think of this as a roundup of all the hand creams I own.

The ones that sink in quickly

Hand Food by Soap & Glory is infamous for their fast absorbing formula and the faint marshmallow scent also makes this a winner in my book. It leaves me feeling moisturised and really relieves my chapped hands. The Dove hand creams also sink in quickly and doesn’t leave me feeling greasy, but the reason I love these is because they have that classic Dove smell that everyone seems to love and adore.

Probably the teeniest, yet cutest sample I own is the L’Occitane hand cream. After trying this I’m almost tempted to part with the money for the full size. It smells gorgeous and leaves my hands feeling nourished and brand new again and the non sticky formula is one I love. The Le Couvent des Minimes Gardener’s Hand Healer Cream has the longest name ever, but thankfully that doesn’t reflect in how long it takes to absorb. It doesn’t really smell of anything but it really gets down to work and my hands feel supple. Yep, the impossible can be achieved!

The ones that take forever to sink in

The Hand Chemistry Hand Cream is another that doesn’t really leave behind a residue, but I do hate the scent. I can’t quite describe it other than a synthetic almost vomit like smell. If I can bear it, then I use it because it works a treat, but the smell ain’t worth it for me. To get the dissin’ out of the way in the middle (because I do hate bad reviews) then I have to talk about the Balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream. It smells lovely (unlike the former one) but it takes forever and a day to sink in, I’m talking about 10 minutes and honestly, who has time for that?

Now I do love the Body Shop, but I am that person that just is more attracted to Lush, y’know? Their Almond Hand and Nail Cream is probably the only one that gets to work on my nails and makes them feel human again. This one is best applied at night otherwise you’ll probably get annoyed at how slippy your hands are.

When my hands are looking drab (trust me when I use that adjective) then the one I always reach for is the Mandara Spa Hand Butter. This is thick and rich, hence why I use it in desperate situations. I also only use it at night time too, because I’m that kind of impatient person!

Are there any hand creams you love? P.S sorry this post is suuuuper late.

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