January To Do List

1. Deciding what I want for my birthday is heaps harder now I’m getting older. I’m sure I’ll come up with what I want sooner or later, right?

2. I need to book an opticians, dentist and doctors appointment. I hate health checks for some reason and with my wisdom teeth cutting in I’m a little edgier than usual. 

3. I have one last form to fill out before I start University and it’s probably the most important. It needs doing stat and I’m lacking the motivation a little.

as just gone so I’m always unsure of what exactly I do want. I’m sure I can figure it out soon enough.

4. It’s the time of year to give my room a good clean out. It’s a job I love yet loath, but it does give me a pretty reasonable excuse for a bath.

5. When I have a little crisis when I run out of something skincare related, you can guarantee it means I need to repurchase it. While Escentual are having a sale, I’m going to be stocking up on the Avene Cleanance Expert.

6. Trying out the Dolce Vita palette is proving to be harder than I realised. It almost looks too pretty to use, but it’s something that needs to be done.

7. Eating out is something James and I really enjoy, and seeing as he’s going back to University at the end of the month I’m hoping we can squeeze in a few dinner dates.

8. I’m after some new pyjamas and I currently have my eye on these ASOS Elephant ones. If you have any recommendations then do let me know.

9. I’m hoping I can buy some new bedding in Primark. They really disappointed me with their Christmas ones only being available in a double, so I’m hoping a trip to the Chester store won’t leave me empty handed.

10. I’ve bought myself a remote for my camera and I’m crossing everything I can take a few outfit pictures before the month is out. 

What do you need to do this January?

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