The Lush Christmas Gifts

You probably won’t see a ‘What I got for Christmas’ post around these parts anytime soon, but one thing I’m happy to share is the Lush goodies that I opened on Christmas day. Lush is probably my favourite store on Earth right now, and I’m kind of making it my mission this year to try a lot from the brand, so be prepared to get a little sick and tired of Lush (if that’s even possible).

My best friend, Sophie, bought me Sex Bomb. I’ve never actually tried this, which surprises me a lot as I love anything that’s pink and purple. It smells gorgeous which isn’t anything to be shocked at as it’s a blend of Jasmine which eases stress and anxiety, Ylang Ylang which soothes worries, and Clary Sage which used to clear the mind. It leaves my bath a light, vibrant shade of pink, and the rose feels a little like jelly when in the water for a while. I’ll probably be going through a fair few of these when I’m a student. Thanks Sophie, I’m hooked now.

No one knows me better than James, so when he gave me a penguin gift bag filled with a few Lush products that smelt uh-mazing, I knew he’d done well. Now Lush Pud may not be able to buy until next Christmas rolls around and I may still be waiting to crumble it in my bath, but like any Lush bath bomb it smells out of this world good. It contains lavender which paired up with benzoin resinoid helps to banish tension and helps with relaxation. If it’s as soothing as it sounds, I can tell we’re going to get on well. Carrying on with the colourful bath bomb theme, Intergalactic was next to be opened. I’m wholeheartedly looking forward to the explosion of colours this is probably going to create in my bath water. For one, it contains popping candy – I don’t think that requires any explanation. The peppermint oil smells refreshing, while the cedarwood and vetivert make it smell a little bit manlier. I’m okay with that, and I can’t wait to try both these out.

James needs to be martyred for the amount of hours he’s spent listening to me complain about how bad my skin is, but even so the skincare products were a lovely surprise. Ultrabland is pretty much the only cleanser I’m using right now to get my skin somewhat balanced, so I’m more than happy to have a backup. Their Tea Tree Water toner used to be the only thing I used so I’m more than happy to have it in my life again. I like to think of it as a natural version of La Roche Posay’s Serozinc, it soothes and calms any angry blemishes. Something tells me I’m going to fall in love with it all over again.

Seeing as I want to try every Lush product there is, what are your favourite Lush products?

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