The Brown Liner Conundrum.

Babylon Brown eyeliner

One thing I’ve always been is a black eyeliner type of girl, never have I strayed and never was I planning to. It’s a love affair that was going as strong as time, then the Eye of Horus Liquid Define Liner in Babylon Brown came into my life. 

I’ve been smitten from the first flick. It’s the liner I didn’t know I needed, and I don’t want us to part ways anytime soon. It lasts from dusk ’til dawn, with no transfer, and can be applied as thick or as thin as you desire. Pen eyeliners are probably the easiest of the bunch, and this one isn’t breaking that rule either. It’s literally the easy breezy eyeliner I’ve always wanted. I’ve had it for a good three months and there isn’t a hint of drying in sight.

Now onto the conundrum part. The fact it’s brown is the only reason I feel like I shouldn’t get on with it as well as I do. It ticks all the right boxes and even looks so much better for day time wear. I always think my eyes look softer with this on, and any mascara I wear is never overpowered. Hey, it even got me to take a picture of myself with it on! I think I’ve been converted to brown liner, and it’s one I’m a little confused about. Maybe not completely though, I’m still wishing this came in black. For now, I’m more than happy to wear this over my usual suspects. 

Have you ever tried the Eye of Horus eyeliner before?

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