Five Things Lately.

It’s been a long time since I did any sort of life update on here, and seeing as it’s the last weekend in February (seriously though, this year is flying by) I figured why not? I’m hoping I can make these installments an end of the month kind of thing, but don’t hold me to it.

01. My life feels like a really big transitional phase right now. I finish my job this Sunday and I start university a week on Monday. I finally feel like I’m fitting into my job and now I have to leave because there’s no way I can juggle a job with my nursing course. I’m hoping it won’t be too hard to make friends, but who knows?

02. I can’t wear my contact lenses or any eye makeup right now thanks to the intruder that’s graced my eye. I have an internal stye just behind my eyelid and while it’s not the worst thing to happen to me, it’s pretty darn annoying. It’s been around, paying no board and providing nothing beneficial for over two weeks now, I have some eye ointment (don’t you hate that word?) to use for 5 days, and if that doesn’t work I’m on tablets. I’m hoping it’ll go because I do not want it lanced.

03. I finally put my big girl boots on and travelled to Manchester to see Sophie, my best friend. We attended the Halsey gig and it was so so good. She is the queen, I didn’t think she’d be that amazing live but she was, and we both had a fab time. We definitely need to do it again. It was only a short stay, I’m talking 24 hours, but I enjoyed spending every moment with my Sophie, she’s a good’un.

04. I’ve got a week off before I start university so I’m hoping I can get on top of this blog. I mean, I probably won’t because I’m awful at achieving my goals, but the intentions are there, and that’s half the battle right? I’m thinking owning my domain name is the next step.

05. You know the NYX Taupe Blush? Well I swatched it and now I want it. Badly. I’m waiting for Boots to restock it so I can make a little NYX haul as a ‘congrats on uni’ present to myself. Like I need an excuse to spend. So do you have any recommendations that I just have to pick up?

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