Tea Tree Wonders.

Tea Tree

I’m on month two of my skincare treatment from the doctors and to some extent it is working, but as I’m on the mildest form of treatment right now, I was advised it’d take until around the summer for me to notice any real differences. One thing my skin loves though is tea tree, and I’ve found it’s a pretty good healer and preventative when it comes to those pesky blemishes.

My lovely friend, Maria, kindly bought me some Korean sheet masks for Christmas. Naturally the first one I had to rip open and try was the tea tree one. I don’t need an excuse to lie down and do nothing for half an hour, especially if it means I can watch an episode of Call the Midwife. After use, my skin felt tacky, nothing too sinister though. My Clarins oil actually absorbed far quicker and the next day was when I saw the magic of this mask. My skin had no new spots to boot, and any I did have were all dried up and well on their way out. A thumbs up from me for this Tony Moly mask. Now to try the others.

Lush skincare is one I’m starting to dabble in more and more, something my skin adores me for. The Tea Tree Water is such a refreshing toner, it doesn’t feel harsh on the skin and really helps to soothe it too. With this back in my life, the only way is up. Now Grease Lightning is much better as a preventative than a cure when it comes to spots. A dab of this treatment when you can just feel something about to rear it’s ugly head, is the most effective way to use this. It tends to dry the spot and help reduce any redness, although like I said, don’t wait around for the spot to appear.

Do you have any skincare wonders?

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