The Arrow Necklace.

Arrow Necklace

Arrow Necklace

Told you I was getting into the whole jewellery hype. While I’m still trying to figure out what I like and don’t like, I’ve found myself falling a little for this arrow necklace* by Happiness Boutique. While gold is never usually my first preference, this is one that’s certainly growing on me.

Happiness Boutique contacted me and asked if I’d like a statement necklace and while I do think they look so pretty on everyone else, I’m too self conscious and utterly hopeless to be able to pull one off myself. I found the arrow necklace and it was like all my wishes had been answered. It’s a style I’ve always wanted, check out my eBay and Depop searches if you don’t believe me *wiggles eyebrows*. 

My arrow necklace arrived perfectly packaged, with directions about how to care for your new piece. I was actually pretty shocked about how quick it arrived, especially as it’s shipped from Germany. Anyway, you’re probably wondering, why an arrow necklace? Well let me tell you.

Have you ever seen that quote about an arrow only being able to be shot by pulling it backwards? So when life is dragging you back, it means you’re going to be launched into something amazing? Pretty cringe I know, but I like the sentiment, and I always have since I first saw it. That’s why I wanted this necklace, so I can be reminded that when life is rubbish, it’s only a fleeting time and before I know it life will be good again. Something I know to be true.

Now Happiness Boutique have free worldwide shipping (as if you don’t need an incentive to buy jewellery), and have a fab reward programme which you can read about here. I also have a 10% discount code for you too. Enter jodieloue at the checkout by March 19th for all orders over 19 euros to qualify.

Will you be shopping with Happiness Boutique?

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