Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

In about 2 months time this little blog of mine will be turning one. The fact I’ve managed to stick to something for so long with no one to motivate me, but me, deserves to be celebrated in some shape or form. I’ve learnt a lot in that small space of time, but there are some things I wish I knew before I actually decided to start up Jodie Loue.

Each post takes hours of work

I’m being serious too. Thinking up the idea, taking the photograph for the post, choosing the photo out of what feels like the thousands taken, to actually writing the post and including the relevant links, the whole thing takes hours before you’re ready to hit that publish button. Especially when you start to take a little bit more pride in what you produce. Would I have started a blog had I known all that? Probably not. Do I ever want to stop? No.

So will Social Media promo

If you want to get your blog out there you need to promote across three things. Instagram, Twitter and by commenting on others posts. To me, this is the area that takes up the most time after the post writing jazz. You never seem to be quite done and as a result your mind ticks over what you could be doing, instead of watching the fifth episode of Prison Break in a row (but you’ll still do that).

Blogger’s block is a real thing

I read blogs before I started one and whenever someone would mention that phrase I wanted to laugh a little. Then I had a 3 month break last year thanks to it and I finally understood. It’s real and will make you feel inadequate in so many ways. I found the best way to overcome it, is to not force the matter. Let your brain work it out and use Pinterest to just speed the process up a little.

Your wishlist will be ridiculously long (if you’re a beauty blogger or really like beauty)

As a result you may spend a little too much money each month. Reading posts is one thing, but when you see everyone talk about the same thing you start to want it in your life. Even if you don’t actually need it. In the beginning I thought I needed brand new, shiny things to talk about and weekly trips to Boots was a thing. My advice? Mull over something, read all the reviews and if you can’t get it out of your head then go for it!

You’ll feel seriously inadequate

When everyone else has pretty themes and pictures you start to question your own self worth and if you should actually be blogging. Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. It’s not worth it and quite frankly the longer you do this blogging malarkey, the more tips and tricks you pick up and you just get better! I mean go look at my first post and tell me the difference.

Don’t accept products for the sake of it

Freebies aren’t actually that and anyone who says that’s what they are, obviously has never received any. You still have to do all the usual work but some people like to be pushy. Like emailing you a thousand times asking you when the post is going to go live. Do it in your own time and remember don’t accept something you wouldn’t go out and purchase with your own money.

Success doesn’t happen overnight

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the stats when you first start, and when you’re having periods of uncertainty then it’s even easier. Building a following takes time and consistency. If you have a passion for blogging then you’ll be fine, just post what you’d love to read and stick around long enough and you’ll probably see some growth. After all the more content you create, the better you become as a blogger.

Just enjoy the whole thing

Most importantly don’t blog for anyone else other than you. Be honest and truthful otherwise you will get called out on it. Make friends with people and enjoy the content you create. There’s no rulebook when it comes to blogging!

What do you wish you knew before you started blogging?

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