Beating Blogger’s Block.

Why hello there? Long time no speak, or write I guess. Excuse my absence, starting university got me a little flustered and the lack of prep for my blog made it take a bit of a back seat.

I say that, but I just couldn’t get the words to flow out of my fingers, probably from all the stress from starting what feels like my life. Anyway, I’m going to figure it all out over the next few weeks and gauge exactly what works for me. I thought I’d start with a post that I’m a bit of an expert about; blogger’s block. Oh, and I’ll tell you my tips for getting over it.

Don’t fret
Easier said than done, I know. Is it the end of the world if you can’t write a post? No. The more you fret about these things, the more that stress wall builds up, and guess what? It only gets more frustrating.

Take time out
Taking a week out from my blog, just to let real life take me in it’s big scary hands, was the best thing I could’ve done for my little space on the web. I feel refreshed and ready to let out steam in a productive way, because these next three years are going to be tough. Taking a step back can help you see exactly why you starting blogging, and why you love it so much!

Read your own blog and your favourite ones
I sometimes read a post I wrote and the sparks ignite. I come up with loads of new posts and life is good. If that ever fails me, then I read my favourite blogs and let their content help tap into my creativity. Never outright copy someone though, no one likes a cheater, and if you did take some inspiration from someone, don’t be afraid to credit them.

Find your inspiration
This one kind of leads on from the last point, I mean it could be your favourite blogger, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. You can find inspiration anywhere you look. For me though, having my academic side pushed right now seems to be doing wonders for my creativity. Don’t forget to have somewhere to jot down all your ideas, I always find they strike at the oddest time when I know I’m going to forget!

Just relax
Unless blogging is your only source of income, then you really don’t need to worry. Relax, and let things figure themselves out. If you have a genuine passion for blogging, then it’ll all fall together like a puzzle.

How do you beat blogger’s block?

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