Five From Soap & Glory.

Soap & Glory

Living in a small town means Soap & Glory isn’t all that accessible when it comes to their makeup. Whenever I do make an online order on Boots, well a girl has to do what a girl has to do. I might not own a lot from Soap & Glory but if I could only pick five things…

…well it would be this lot. I’ll start with the one I always seem to talk about on here. The Kick Ass concealer. I’ll keep it short but sweet, you need this in your life. I’ve hit pan on their blemish concealer and the powder that comes with it, but it does everything you’d ever need when it comes to the concealer department. It’s creamy, easy to blend and lasts all day long.

The One Heck of a Blot powder is pretty new to me but I do love it so. It’s pretty great at oil control and it’s pretty good at mattifying too. What more could you want from a powder? While we’re speaking about powder, let’s talk about the infamous Solar Powder for a sec. It’s the product that made me prick my ears up at the word bronzer. I finally get the hype behind the stuff, and when I swirl both parts together, I’ve got the perfect contour product too. Glow All Out is one I’m still coming to grips with, but I love the stuff. it’s a lovely pinky highlighter that gives an ice queen kind of shimmer, you know for if you want to channel Elsa (yes please).

My love for all things pen liner came from the Supercat liner. It’s the definition of easy-breezy. I can make the line as thick or as thin as I want to and it lasts all day (fyi, I don’t have oily lids). When I can truly feel the adoration kicking in though, is when I’m drawing the wing on. It’s just so darn simple.

What products do you love from Soap & Glory?

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