Inspirational Reading.

Inspirational books

I used to be an avid reader. I could read a thousand pages in a day. Yep, I was hardcore. Nowadays I count my blessings when I’m able to read because, firstly, I’m glued to my phone, and secondly, who has time to read outside the books you have to read for the essay you need to write. Sometimes I stumble upon books I just can’t put down, and these fit that quota to a tee!

Eat Pretty.

To me, this book has such an interesting concept and one I wholly believe in. If we want to be ‘beautiful’ on the outside, then we need to eat things that are good for us. It’s jam packed with seasonal recipes, and it tells you the nitty gritty of why a particular food is good for you. It’s not too preachy either.

Read this if you want to take Great Photographs.

When I bought my Canon 700D, this book taught me a whole lot about everything I would ever need to know. With so many gorgeous photos inside, the points that are made are demonstrated to their fullest. If I could recommend one photography book for a beginner, it would be this. From exposure to lenses, everything I need to know is explained.


I couldn’t put this book down when I first read it, and I also convinced myself I could be a millionaire from selling charity clothes on eBay. Sophia Amoruso is a powerhouse, and she tells you her life in a way that makes you think you’re taking that journey with her. If I ever need a kick to get my motivation working, this book is the holy grail.

Pretty Honest.

This book made me finally feel confident enough to go to a high end counter. With every read, I always learn something new too, and that is a rarity in a book. It has it all, from how to wear and find your red lipstick (a work in progress for me), to acne, to how to pay and receive compliments. For a beauty lover, it’s a must have.

What books do you find inspiring?

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