Acne Ultra Clear Treatment.

If you read my skin journey, then you’ll know that for the most part my skin is under control. Every now and then though, my skin likes to flare up just a little and put me to the test. Enter the Acne Ultra Clear treatment.

What I love about this is that it’s an all natural product, containing beeswax, coconut oil and pot marigold to name a few. As it’s a treatment, you dab it onto the affected areas, or you can use it as an alternative to moisturiser, and rub it in until absorbed. This aims to reduce redness and spot visibility, and has no artificial colours.

Apart from the smell, which I can’t place, I’m getting on with this product rather well. It’s a rather strange colour and feels almost waxy to apply, but it rubs into the skin easily and swiftly. You only need a small amount too, so I can see this post lasting for an age, even with using it twice a day as recommended.

Now have I seen any results? I’d like to think so. It definitely does reduce redness, and my spots are certainly disappearing faster. It combats any dryness from the Benzoyl Peroxide cream, and they seem to be working in harmony with each other. I have no new break outs to report from using them both together, so something must be working. It leaves my skin feeling soft, and moisturised, and it’s definitely one I’ll continue to use.

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*This is a PR sample that was sent for review, but my love of clear skin is all my own. For more information check out my disclaimer.