Dove Dry Oil Hair Care.

Dove Dry Oil Range

Nothing makes me feel quite like I have my life together, than matching shampoo and conditioner. Throw in a hair mask and, well, I feel like I’m on top of the world. When they make my hair feel the softest it’s ever felt in years, you can excuse for me for wanting to scream about it at the top of my lungs.

We all know I love Dove, and we also know that if something smells good, there’s a high likelihood I’ll want to douse myself in the product as often as I can. That’s why this range speaks to my hair and mainly my scalp like no other. My scalp in particular is the bane of my life, it’s as dry as the Sahara desert, which in turn makes my roots rather oily, and well, let’s just say that’s not a look I like to sport out of the house.

Now, I’m rather unconventional and I don’t always like to use a product the way I’m told. I know, stand back, rebel over here. The hair mask is one I’ve been using all over my head, mainly focusing on my scalp, and you know what? It doesn’t make my hair oily, in fact it seems to finally be giving it the moisturisation it deserves! Oh, and it doesn’t weigh it down either.

I then go in with the normal shampoo/conditioner routine using the Dove Dry Oil Range, and my locks seem to be loving me for it right now. The shampoo seems to cleanse my head, without stripping it and drying out and exacerbating my scalp problem, and the conditioner seems to be keeping my ends, well conditioned.

I’m fully contributing the healthy hair growing from my head right now, to this range. If your hair is on the oilier side, then maybe try a range that contains oils. Trust me when I say, it’s not as backwards an idea as it sounds

Have you tried Dove shampoo?

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