My Essie Starter Kit.

Essie nail polishes

Essie seems to be everyone’s favourite nail polish brand, but it wasn’t until recently that I could say I was jumping onto the bandwagon. After testing out a few shades I received from my parents for Christmas, I finally have my own little starter kit of sorts…

Cocktail Bling is described as being a ‘precious pale grey’ and while I don’t disagree, it definitely is more of a blue toned pale grey that leans almost on the pastel side of things. It’s the first Essie polish I tried, and I think it’s just perfect paired with silver jewellery. Although it does remind me a little of that Drake song.

Fishnet Stockings is a ‘spicy dark creme red’ and while I don’t agree with the use of the word dark, it certainly is a classic shade of red. It’s the shade of red that is just timeless, and I don’t think you can go wrong with a beautiful red in a nail polish collection.

Bahama Mama is a perfect plum shade for Autumn. It almost leans on the vampy side of plum and it’s description as a ‘warm, rich, creamy, deep plum’ only reiterates that. Seriously this one is gorgeous on the nails, now I just need to get comfortable enough to put a shade like this on my lips and be all matchy-matchy.

Fiji is my new fave in the nail polish world. It’s a gorgeous pale baby pink and I think it fills the nude nail trend pretty well. From what I can tell, I got the ‘old’ Fiji, but I’m not quite sure why they decided to fix something that isn’t broken? I’ll be donning this on my nails a lot this season.

Licorice is a ‘jet black’ shade that brings new meaning to a black nail. It’s seriously gorgeous, and I’m not sure how black nail polishes can vary but this one is the creme of the crop for me. We all need a black in our collections, right?

What Essie polishes should I pick up next?