Pink Soda Sport.

Something that I’ve always lacked is sports clothing, and it’s a fact I’ve let be my excuse for not exercising for far too long. You might remember in January the launch of Pink Soda Sport and all the hype that ensued, well I’ve got my hands on a few pieces, and spoiler, they’re the comfiest clothing items I’ve ever worn.

The Pink Soda Sport collection is designed for women who want to look great while working out, and is also inspired by clean living L.A lifestyle, and from the few monochromatic pieces I’ve picked, you can really see that. It features on trend shapes with progressive styles, and their latest releases feature everything from joggers to capri pants, to bras and tees. The design of the fabric also allows for breath-ability and aids in drawing moisture out from the skin whilst working out.

What I love about this collection is the fact they’re all transitional and versatile. I can lounge around in them, and then work out and no bats an eye. Every piece is stylish and high quality. Like I said, I’m no exercise snob, but I know when something is affordable yet worth every penny and this collection definitely fits that profile to a tee!

I did want to feature myself in these clothes, but something about putting my face and very untoned body in front of a camera for outfit shots makes me feel a little unsure about good ol’ me. Plus the model on the Pink Soda Sport website looks way better in these pieces than I ever will. The confidence these pieces give me is insane, they tuck me in all the right ways in the leg department, meaning all I have to work on is my tummy. I realised I look better than normal when I’ve got these on.

Both the Lifestyle Leggings, and the Fitness Tights are made from the softest material to grace my legs to this date. They’re also the comfiest thing I’ve ever worn, it almost felt like I wasn’t wearing anything on my lower half. The 90’s Crop Vest is another beautiful piece, and while it isn’t a sport bra, it certainly looks the part. The 3 panel vest is just the perfect cover up, but still allows you to work on your fitness without getting all hot and bothered unnecessarily.

This whole collection has motivated me to work on my fitness, and I’ve actually started working out from the comfort of my home (I’m aching a lot). Let’s just say I have a lot to owe to Pink Soda, I’ve finally bit the bullet.

*Pink Soda Sport sent me these items to review, but the love of comfy, stylish workout clothes that motivate me to get off my bum and willfully sweating is all my own. For more information, check out my disclaimer.