Finding your Blogging Niche.

Finding your blogging niche

From the day dot, the piece of advice everyone loves to include in a post about blogging is finding your ‘niche‘. It’s an idea I always mentally wrestle with. On the one hand I want to be a jack of all trades, but then on the other, I’m being told I need to box myself in order to be successful.

Do you know what I’ve realised though? I’m a multi faceted human. I like food, I like fashion, I like beauty, I like pretty things. I like reading posts about interiors all the way to a book review. If they’re on the same blog, even better. I can get my fix in one place without having to scrawl my way around the web. If in real life all I talked about was beauty I’m sure my friends would get fed up of me, and I don’t see why that doesn’t extend to my blog.

My blogging niche summed up is ‘I’m posting whatever I want to post‘. I want to be that person who has a little bit of everything on my blog because contrary to popular belief when it comes to blogging, I don’t have to be one thing. In a nutshell you don’t need a niche. Some of my favourite blogs feature lifestyle, fashion, and beauty and are what I would deem successful. Obviously everyone’s idea of successful is different.

It’s just I’m a little bit fed up of the idea of caging myself into one topic, and I think it’s almost small minded to think that you should only talk about one thing on your blog, but if that’s what you want to do, then do you and ignore me. Your blog should be you, and if you want a niche then think of it as an extension of you and your interests. It’s what I’m going to be doing from now on, and it feels refreshing.

Do you think a blog needs a niche?