Five Positive Things.

Long time, no type. I’m not really quite sure what to say other than life got the best of me. I’ve been a bit like a zombie for the past few weeks and this post marks the end of that. Seeing as it’s the beginning of another month (wasn’t it Christmas like last month?) what better way to start it than with a life round up?

01 – I started my first placement this week! I’m finally being let out into the big, bad world and I’m feeling nothing but excitement. My first assignment was also due in on the same day, but I’m finally feeling like a student. I’ve chosen the right career for sure.

02 – When I look in the mirror I finally see clear skin. That’s right, I’ve cracked the code to pretty decent skin and I can skip the concealer. It calls for celebration right? I mean a good 7 years have been taken up with trying to reach skin that doesn’t resemble the surface of the moon.

03 – I’m single. After being in a relationship for nearly 4 years I decided to call it quits and while it’s been pretty tough dealing with all the positive and negative emotions that come with it, I’m feeling happy about the decision. You’re probably reading this and thinking “how is this a good thing?” but right now I need to learn to be me and be content with all the strings attached to that. 

04 – I feel really inspired at the moment when it comes to my blog. Maybe its because I’m feeling happier than I have in a while but I’m going to put a lot more energy into this space. I did just buy my domain name for three years and I don’t want to think of that as money down the drain, that’s a decent enough incentive to get me working again, right?

05 – My best friend comes home from uni in a couple of weeks and I’m feeling a whole lot of excitement. I’ve been a pretty crappy friend as of late with the whole “woe is me” act I’ve had going on, but I can’t wait for a summer where I’m actually doing something. Me Before You is the first on our hit list!