Five Positive Things in January.

These posts to me feel a bit like diary entries, although with less of a commitment. So here are my five positive things in January.

01. I have officially passed my first year of university. I am now set to enter my second year of Nursing, how fricking scary is that? I’ll tell you the answer, it’s very scary. Terrifying really. Time has flown by and when I compare last year Jodie to current Jodie, well there’s a difference there. Current Jodie is much happier with her circumstances, I mean I can’t complain at passing first year with a first, but I will very much complain about how it doesn’t count towards my final grade.

02. A little German Shepherd furball named Poppie is the current object of my affections. After our gorgeous dog Sadie, also of the same breed, passed away at the end of September it left a massive void in our family life. Enter Poppie. I’ve never met a dog that’s always insanely happy to see you. That’s her in all her glory in the picture below.

03. It’s my birthday this Friday, the 27th. I’ll be turning the big 20 and leaving my teens behind me. I’m not so sure how I feel about that but I hear your twenties aren’t too bad. It feels like the start of a brand new decade, which I guess it technically is. Scary.

04. This small town girl is finally going to London. Jordan is taking me for my birthday at the end of the month, and I’m beyond excited, mainly because this giant nerd gets to go the natural history museum. I can already see myself fangirling whilst I wander round. Although the main reason we’re going is to see the Lion King in theatre. Like I said, beyond excited.

05. Something that seems to be glorified is the whole heartless bitch persona, and through recent struggles I’ve realised that isn’t me. In fact it’s far from who I am. I won’t go into detail now, or maybe ever, but I am learning that my emotions hold a lot of facets almost like a kaleidoscope and it’s okay to feel whatever I feel. I’m human. I’m learning it’s okay to stop and breathe to check in with me and I’m becoming a person I like more because of it. I guess I’ve found self care for my emotional self

What positive things have happened to you in January?