January Goals.

Happy New Year to you all. I’m starting as I mean to go on and actually posting on this blog of mine. It’s been a while and I’m sure a lot has changed since I last posted, but hopefully there’s someone out there that still reads this thing. We all got to watch 2016 die and now January has rolled around I’ve got the gusto to actually set myself some goals, so here goes.

01. Actually post on this blog. I’m literally the worst. No time frames, no schedules, nothing. I’m hoping the aim of posting something will be the best motivation for me. I’ve got lots up my sleeve though, so you should be seeing me for a while.

02. Stop picking my skin. Yep, I still do it. Mainly when I’m stressed which is a permanent state of being, but I do seem to be getting better at resisting so that either says something about my willpower or it says something about my willpower because let me tell you, this is a habit of a lifetime. It’s also my one and only new years resolution, I mean you have to make them near impossible right?

03. Accept me and my feelings. If I can put myself out there on the world wide web in college with a beauty blog then I should at least start to learn that I’m not really as heinous as I make myself out to be, in fact I probably come off a little nicer than that. Everyone has flaws and is a little bit like a crumpled piece of paper, and it’s those crumples that make us.

04. Practice self care better. I mean not brushing my hair is swell and all, until I actually have to and then it’s just pure regret. What I really am aiming for here is to learn and accept that it’s okay to not be okay, and it’s okay to put myself first. The world won’t crash and burn because of it.

05. Look into bullet journalling. I’m currently researching this and adding things to my amazon basket because I adore the concept, but I am a totally floozy at committing to things like that. If anyone has any tips on how to keep it up then please do share!

What are your goals for January?