Lush Ultrabland Cleanser.

lush ultrabland cleanser

Scrolling through my blog, I realised that I hadn’t put a post together on my skincare partner in crime. I did harp on a lot about Lush’s Ultrabland cleanser at one point but then radio silence occurred on this blog of mine, and well, here we are today with this post to sing the praises of this little tub of wonder.

The biggest thing that put me off this was the fact it claims it’s for all skin types. Being oily and blemish prone that’s a massive red flag. Every great love affair starts off that way right? No one wants spottier skin than they already have and I’m always a little dubious of the idea of one size fits all when it comes to skincare. Anyway, don’t let that dissuade you from using this stuff, it’s seriously a miracle for my skin. If I don’t pick at my spots that is, I mean everyone has a guilty pleasure at least I keep telling myself that so I can sleep easier at night!

It’s a beeswax and rose cleanser that is super creamy and soft and well, lush. The rose water soothes and calms, with almond oil to nourish and honey to moisturise and work as an antiseptic to the annoying little blighters that like to make home on my face. It’s rich and the balm immediately dissolves into an oil like texture the minute you start massaging this on your skin. It gently cleanses and doesn’t make my skin feel stripped and squeaky clean, but it feels like a nourished clean instead if that makes sense? I’m as positive as can be that this cleanser doesn’t break me out, but instead helps to heal the dry patches of skin that afflicts me, thanks to my hands always picking away at some blemish. It’s the only cleanser that I always come back to.

Have you tried Lush Ultrabland?