A Beauty Bay Haul.

Beauty Bay

The only right way to get yourself into the world of beauty blogging is with a good haul, right? Would you believe I didn’t use any of these products, for about two weeks, just so I could get a photo first? I’m still a beauty blogger, through and through.

Let’s just get straight into the haul. I fancied treating myself on a small scale, so I did. The Ordinary is a brand I’ve wanted to try forever, and I’ve finally gotten round to doing so. I wasn’t expecting to love this products as much as I did, so I’ll dedicate a whole post to profess my love. But, in a nutshell, the Niacinamide 10% and Zinc 1% is to reduce any inflammation my long term partner, acne, likes to throw my way. The results are looking positive, and I think my skin may be slightly addicted to this.

I was also in need of a new hair brush, and when it’s a Wet Brush in a pastel purple hue, well then sign me up! Seriously, if you don’t own one of these brushes, get one. They’re bloody magic, gone are the days I’d cry when brushing my hair because it’s just too painful. I’ve left this at my boyfriend’s and don’t I know it. I’m counting down the days until brushing my hair doesn’t feel like such a chore again.

Last, but by no means least in this very underwhelming, small haul, we have two Zoeva brushes. My foundation looks less like it’s sitting on my face, and more “my skin looks almost flawless”. I much prefer the buffing brush, mainly because it gets the job done quick, but the silk finish brush holds its own. They’re both pretty, and also pretty good. I think there’s going to be plenty of future posts where I sing their praises as I get to know them better.

What did you think of my haul? Is there anything else I should buy?