The Best Hairbrush Ever? Meet the Wet Brush.

One of my first posts back after the longest blogging break and I’m talking about a hair brush? I know, I know, but trust me this one is a good’un and your girl just wants to dip her toe into the water that is beauty blogging.

I don’t know if you remember, but the Anna and Lily edit box from Cult Beauty first introduced me to this brush. They pretty much said it was the best brush ever, and you have to take these ladies seriously. They know their stuff after all. Who was I to argue with them? So I put my Tangle Teezer aside, gave the Wet Brush a fair go, and well, it stole my heart from the very first use.

I think in the past I’ve professed my love for the Tangle Teezer and Denman’s offering, but the Wet Brush truly kills it. By kills it, I mean no matter how unruly and tangled your hair is, this brush will get the job done and save your scalp any pain. It will literally feel like it’s gliding through your hair everytime you use it. And it’s pastel purple (my favourite colour so how could I say no?).

So what do they officially say about it? Well it’s a detangling brush in essence. There’s no painful tugging or pulling, and they even claim it reduces breakages to help promote hair that is frizz-free. I have to agree with everything they say this wonder brush does. Gone are the days I’d shed a tear of pain because my hair is just too tangled. I have nothing negative to say at all. Except I do wish this was around when I was like five so I didn’t have to deal with my mum tugging on my wet hair with a brush, telling me she was being gentle when we both know she wasn’t.

Have you tried the Wet Brush? What do you think of it?