The Soap & Glory Cleansers.

drugstore skin cleansers

I have a lot of beauty products that I just don’t use. It’s borderline hoarding really. So I’m on a mission to stop buying and start using up what’s already sitting in my cupboards.

So, I’ve decided to begin with my Soap & Glory cleansers. I know my blog has been skincare, skincare and more skincare, but my skin has really improved lately and I want to share what’s actually working for me. I promise all things makeup will be back soon. I’ve been trying to use up both of these for the past four months and I can say, with pleasant surprise, my sensitive acne prone skin actually likes both of these. If I don’t use them, well that’s when it starts kicking up a small fuss, and the new spot I develop is just a reminder I was too lazy to cleanse my face properly with anything other than micellar water.

The Vitamin C Facial Wash cleanser is my morning cleanser of choice. It’s not my absolute favourite cleanser, but it also does the job. It’s a foaming face wash, and when I say foaming I really mean minimally foaming, that doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped but does make it feel clean. It doesn’t really promise the earth, but does claim to smooth, clean and purify. I would agree with that. My skin does feel smoother in texture after use and does feel cleaner, as I’ve just said. Just a heads up, the little beads are wax. I saw Soap & Glory tweet that out so you don’t have to feel like you’re helping to kill the poor fish in our oceans or disturbing their habitat. If you had normal skin, I think you’d probably love this. The fact it doesn’t help to cause breakouts makes it a winner in my books.

Probably my favourite of the two for how gentle it cleanses my skin is the Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk. This is my insurance policy for when it comes to being 100% sure I have no makeup left on my face. Or if I’m acting like my typical, forgetful self when it comes to packing to visit my boyfriend, and I just so happen to forget my Garnier Micellar water, this saves the day and removes all my makeup.  Again, this one doesn’t promise the best skin ever,  but does say it’ll help promote healthier, clearer, radiant skin. In all honesty, it hasn’t broken me out, and if I skip using this at nighttime, I know about it so I think it does deliver clearer skin. Which in turn, I guess, gives you healthier skin? It doesn’t make my skin feel stripped after use, but it does feel clean. I’m not a fan of heavy cleansers, and heavy would not be a word I’d use to describe this one. It reminds me of Lush Ultrabland, but in a much better way.

So you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about two cleansers I’m using, that I’m head over heels with, but I am using every day. The simple answer is, if you get these in a Soap & Glory Christmas gift set (because that time of year is coming up), don’t be afraid to use them. They’re pleasantly lovely.

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